Pharmaceutical Excipient

Pharmaceutical Excipient

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC) is white or milky white, odorless, tasteless, fibrous powder or granule, weight loss on drying does not exceed 10%, soluble in cold water but not hot water, slowly in hot water Swelling, peptization, and forming a viscous colloidal solution, which becomes a solution when cooled, and becomes a gel when heated. HPMC is insoluble in ethanol, chloroform and ether. It is soluble in a mixed solvent of methanol and methyl chloride. It is also soluble in a mixed solvent of acetone, methyl chloride and isopropanol and some other organic solvents. Its aqueous solution can tolerate salt (its colloidal solution is not destroyed by salt), and the pH of 1% aqueous solution is 6-8. The molecular formula of HPMC is C8H15O8-( C10H18O6) -C815O, and the relative molecular mass is about 86,000.


HPMC has excellent water solubility in cold water. It can be dissolved into a transparent solution with a little stirring in cold water. On the contrary, it is basically insoluble in hot water above 60℃ and can only swell. It is a non-ionic cellulose ether. Its solution has no ionic charge, does not interact with metal salts or ionic organic compounds, and does not react with other raw materials during the preparation process; it has strong anti-allergic properties, and with the increase in the degree of substitution in the molecular structure, its It is more resistant to allergies and more stable; it is also metabolically inert. As a pharmaceutical excipient, it is not metabolized or absorbed. Therefore, it does not provide calories in medicines and foods. It is low calorie, salt-free, and non-salt-free for diabetic patients. Allergenic drugs and foods have unique applicability; it is relatively stable to acids and alkalis, but if the PH value exceeds 2~11 and is affected by higher temperatures or has a longer storage time, its viscosity will decrease; its aqueous solution can provide Surface activity, showing moderate surface tension and interfacial tension; it has effective emulsification in two-phase system, can be used as an effective stabilizer and protective colloid; its aqueous solution has excellent film-forming properties, it is a tablet and pill A good coating material. The film coating formed by it has the advantages of colorlessness and toughness. Adding glycerin can also improve its plasticity.

QualiCell HPMC products can improve by the following properties in Pharmaceutical Excipient:
·Once soluble in water and volatilized through solvent, HPMC makes transparent film with high tensile strength.
·Enhances binding power .
·Hydrophilic matrix used along with HPMC hydrates to create a gel layer, controlling drug release pattern.

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