Building Facade Finishes

QualiCell Cellulose ether products can improve performance through the following advantages: improve the adhesion strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility, stain resistance, reduce water absorption and maintain good breathability.

Building Facade Finishes
Building Facade Finishes are materials used for exterior decoration and protection such as decorative mortar, paste textured mortar, colorful stone paint, etc. Through selection of different materials, colors, and applied methods for external walls, it achieves various colorful artistic style, showing different characteristics and beauty.The word Façades originally comes from the Italian word “facciata”, and is defined as the outside or all of the external faces of a building. The term is frequently used to refer just to the main or front face of a house.A facade is the exterior wall or face of a building, and it usually involves design elements like deliberate placement of windows or doors.
In architecture, the facade is one of the building's most important exterior elements. The facade sets expectations and defines the feel of the overall structure. It can also help achieve the goal of blending in with the surroundings or standing out from the crowd.



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