Tile Grouts

QualiCell cellulose ether products HPMC/MHEC can improve by the following properties in tile grout :
·Provide suitable consistency, excellent workability, and good plasticity
·Ensure the proper open time of the mortar
·Improve the cohesion of the mortar and its adhesion to the base material
·Improve sag-resistance and water retention

Cellulose ether for Tile Grouts
Tile Grouts is a powdery bonding material made of high-quality quartz sand and cement as aggregates, selected high molecular polymer rubber powder and a variety of additives, and mixed evenly by a mixer.
Tile Grout is used to fill the spaces between tiles and support them on the surface of installation. Tile Grout comes in various colors and shades, and it keeps your tile from expanding and shifting with the change in temperature and moisture level.
Grouts are used to fill joints between tiles and can be applied in different widths. They are available in many different colors.Mainly used for the caulking of various glaze tiles, marble, granite and other bricks. The width and thickness of the caulking can be selected according to the user.The caulking of ceramic tiles and floor tiles can ensure that there are no cracks in the caulking joints, and it has good water seepage resistance, which can prevent moisture and rainwater from penetrating into the wall, especially in winter, the water seeping into the joints The icing swells, causing the glued bricks to fall off.


In addition, the use of ceramic tile and floor tile grout can reduce the precipitation of free calcium in cement mortar without affecting the aesthetics of the decoration. It does not contain free formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, +xylene and total volatile organic compounds. It is a green product.


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