Mortar Admixtures

QualiCell Cellulose ether HPMC/MHEC  products can improve mortar admixtures through the following advantages: Increase longer open time. Improve work performance, non-stick trowel. Increase the resistance to sagging and water retention.

Cellulose ether for Mortar Admixtures

Dry powder mortar admixtures mainly include: primers, thickeners, etc. Substances that improve the performance of gasified cement mortar belong to the category of main admixtures. The function is to improve the consistency and water retention of the mortar, increase the viscosity of the block, and reduce the dry powder mortar. Floor ash, saving surface cracking cement and lime paste. Main role in mortar, expanding cement, osteopathic shell, etc. It can overcome the bottom shelling, opening, etc. to pass on the concrete, ordinary concrete floor, and the best layer or layer. , The mortar in masonry has high resistance. After hardening, it has the functions of freezing, reducing water, anti-seepage, durability, anti-cracking, tearing, flame and so on.
It has many classifications: Lime King, Rock Sand Extract, Mortar King, Mortar Treasure, Cement Additives, Cement Plasticizers, etc.


Mortar admixture is a series, divided into masonry mortar and plastering mortar. Used in industrial and civil construction, as an additive for masonry and plastering. It is an additive added to cement and sand to improve the performance of cement mortar. Can overcome hollowing, cracking and other conditions.
Significantly improve the workability of the mortar: After adding the mortar admixture, the mortar is bulky, soft, and has strong cohesive force, reduces floor ash and reduces costs, and the mortar has a high degree of fullness. When plastering, the requirements for the degree of wetness of the wall are low, and the mortar shrinks little, which overcomes the common problems of cracks, hollowing, shedding, and blistering on the wall, and solves the problem of mortar and workability..

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