Tile Adhesives

Tile Adhesives

Tile adhesive, also known as tile glue or ceramic tile adhesive, as well as tile viscose, is divided into ordinary type, polymer type, heavy brick type. It is mainly used for pasting ceramic tiles, surface tiles, floor tiles and other decorative materials. It is widely used inside and outside Facing decoration places for walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchens and other buildings.
Cost effective tile adhesives
Cost-effective tile adhesives contain only the absolutely necessary amount of MC and no RDP. They meet the adhesion requirements of C1 tile adhesive after initial storage and water immersion, but do not meet the requirements after heat aging and freeze-thaw. Opening time should be sufficient but not specified.


Standard tile adhesives

Standard tile adhesive meets all the tensile adhesion strength requirements of C1 tile adhesive. Optionally, they can improve non-slip performance or extend open time. Standard tile adhesives can be normal curing or fast curing.
Premium tile adhesives
High-quality tile adhesives meet all the tensile adhesion strength requirements of C2 tile adhesives. They usually have better slip resistance, extended open time and special deformation characteristics. High-quality tile adhesives can be ordinary curing or fast curing.

What is the correct way to use tile adhesive?
1. Use a toothed scraper to spread the glue on the working surface to make it evenly distributed and form a strip of teeth. Apply about 1 square meter each time (depending on the weather and temperature) and then rub the tiles on it during the drying time;
2. The size of the toothed scraper should consider the flatness of the working surface and the degree of unevenness on the back of the tile;
3. If the gap on the back of the ceramic tile is deep or the stone or ceramic tile is larger and heavier, double-sided glue should be applied, that is, glue grout should be applied to the working surface and the back of the ceramic tile at the same time.

KimaCell Cellulose ether products can improve tile adhesives through the following advantages: Increase longer open time. Improve work performance, non-stick trowel. Increase the resistance to sagging and moisture.

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