Decorative Renders

QualiCell cellulose ether products HPMC/MHEC in decorative render will significantly improve the mortar’s physical and mechanical properties, especially the elastic modulus and durability. Besides, the stain and whitening resistance of the decorative render will be enhanced.

Cellulose ether for Decorative Renders

Decorative Renders made from only highest quality quartz, sands, marble and cements.
Acrylic Textures is Pre-mixed, water-based, polymer-resin texture coatings.
For reasons of design and weather protection, decorative finish renders are mainly used as an exterior final coating. Usually they are white but can also be coloured with inorganic pigments.
Decorative plastering is to make the plastering more decorative effect through the improvement of operation technology and materials, mainly including water brush stone, dry stick stone, mask brick, water accompany stone, chopping fake stone, brushing and striping ash, and Mechanical, elastic coating, roller coating, color coating, etc.


Mortar decorative plasters are divided into brushed ash, smashed ash, rubbed ash, sweeping ash, striped ash, decorative facial hair, face brick, artificial cotton, and external wall sparks according to different materials, production methods and decorative effects. , Roller coating, elastic coating and machine-blasted stone chips and other decorative plastering.
Repair of plastering works
1. For damage phenomena such as peeling of gray skin, hollowing and dust explosion, all the damaged parts should be eradicated. According to the type of original plastering, strictly follow the construction method, and carry out partial repair or complete replastering.
2. For cracks, when the gray skin is cracked and the matrix is not cracked. It can be widened and cracked to more than 20mm, remove impurities in the seam, water and moisten it, and then patch the seam according to the plastering method. The patched ash must be tightly combined with the original ash and straight; when the gray skin and the base are cracked at the same time, The cause of the cracks should be found first, then the plastering should be repaired, the matrix cracks should be repaired first, and then the surface cracks should be repaired. The repainted ash should be as consistent as possible with the original ash surface.
3. For decorative plastering, the new and old plastering materials should be consistent when repairing. The plastering surface is smooth, close, and the color close and coordinated. If it is difficult to guarantee the same color as the original. The method of shoveling out and redoing can be taken into blocks. The old and new connections can be twisted into a regular rectangle. Although the colors are different, it has little effect on the appearance.
4. For partial repair, the old and new plastering should be rubbed firmly. You can wipe the surrounding area first, and then gradually wipe the inside. It should be compacted and smooth when wiping, and the rubbing part needs to be compacted.


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