Skim Coat

QualiCell cellulose ether products can improve by the following advantages in skim coat :
·good solubility, water retention, thickening and construction performance
·simultaneously enhancing the adhesion and the workability,
·prevent hollowing, cracking, peeling or shedding problems

Cellulose ether for Skim Coat

skim coats is a kind of decorative thick paste paint used to flatten the wall, and it is an indispensable product before painting. Coat on the primer or directly on the object to eliminate uneven surface of the coated object. It is formulated with a small amount of additives, a paint base, a large amount of fillers and an appropriate amount of coloring pigments. The pigments used are mainly carbon black, iron red, chrome yellow, etc., and the fillers are mainly talc, bicarbonate, etc. It is used to fill the partially recessed working surface, and it can also be applied to the entire surface, usually after the primer layer is dried, it is applied to the surface of the primer layer.Cement based skim coats are used as the final coating on different substrates and have a thickness of 2-4 mm. They are applied in multiple layers.


Use of skim coats

This product is suitable for GRC boards, ceramsite boards, concrete walls, cement boards and aerated blocks, as well as various wall boards and floors in relatively humid environments. The product is also suitable for the walls and ceilings of bathrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, basements, as well as exterior walls, balconies, high temperature occasions, basements, underground garages and other places where there is often water. The base material can be cement mortar, cement press board, concrete, gypsum board, etc., and different grades of interior wall coatings can also be selected according to user requirements.


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